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3D Printing at Alkek Library

Alkek Library 3D printer

What is 3D printing?

3D printing is a process by which a design that began as an electronic file is rendered as tangible, three-dimensional object. There are many methods, but our process involves super-heating filament (in our case, PLA) and extruding it one layer at a time into the form created by the file. 3D printed objects can have moving parts, can be sized, or can be created to be assembled later. Any object that can be designed can be printed, so long it doesn’t violate our terms of use, or isn’t to large for the build platform.


Self-guided 3D Scan and Print Exploration

Our lab is equipped with stations in which students can use our 3D scanners and printers. There is no reservation required, and our experts can assist in the creation of your project.

Submit your 3D Print Job

Fill out the form located on this site, upload your file, and we can 3D print your object for you.  Ideal for larger projects or projects that will take more time.

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Ready to start? Submit your file using the online order form.