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Professional A/V Consultation

Our team can provide you with an ideas for developing your space to meet your presentation technology needs.  This involves scheduling a time to meet with you and your team, visiting the space and evaluating it, and providing you a written estimate you can use to make good decisions.

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How long can I expect before someone contacts me?

Once you complete our request form, a technician will contact you by phone or email and set up your consultation.  This typically takes 1-2 business days, unless it's within the first 3 weeks of Fall or Spring Semester, in which case it would be 5-7 days.

How long is the estimate good?

Our estimates have a 10% contingency fee included to cover increase of prices at time of purchase.  After 3 months we recommend a review of the request before proceeding.

Why shouldn't I hire an outside contractor?

Our experience has been that outside contractors are difficult to find two-to-three years after they have completed the job, often leaving you without support.  We are here to stay, our quality is constant, and will always support our work.

Some of our Design and Install Work

How much does this cost?

Type Examples Rate
Consultation Meet with customer on-site, conduct needs-assessment, survey physical space, discuss options. No charge
Design & Estimate Develop wiring diagram, map flow of video/audio signals, develop formal estimate complete with equipment list and labor. $30.00 (per design/estimate)
Build/Install Order equipment, configure/assemble, install on-site, commission, and provide user documentation. $30.00 per hr.
System Training Train department technical liaison on support of system. No Charge
System Check Annually, visit & test system, provide written assessment to owner. No Charge
Tier 1 Support Daily operational support to system users. Not provided (department technical liaison)
Tier 2 Support Issues related to hardware malfunctions or installation. No Charge
Upgrades/Equipment Refresh Replace, upgrade, or service aging equipment. $30.00 per hr., equipment costs at owner’s expense.