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What is Adobe Connect?

Adobe Connect® is a tool that allows classes to meet, communicate, and view presentations in a real-time online environment. Sessions can be recorded so that students who cannot attend the live session can still benefit from viewing the session at a later time.

Students and instructors may attend Connect sessions from any location, using any computer. All that is required is an internet connection. No special software is needed to attend a Connect session. However, you may want to review our Online Meeting Best Practices Guide to ensure you have the best Adobe Connect experience possible.

Popular uses of Adobe Connect at Texas State University include meetings for online courses, student collaborative projects and virtual office hours.

Due to increased demand, Connect rooms can only be created for scheduled Texas State academic classes by the instructor of record.

Non-Class uses for Connect Rooms cannot currently be accommodated. Lecture recording for online viewing can be accomplished via TechSmith Relay, formerly Camtasia Relay.

Basic Requirements for using Adobe Connect

It is very important to ensure that you have the basic requirements for Adobe Connect. Before you join a room:

  1. Ensure you're using the most recent version of a compatible web browser. Mozilla Firefox is recommended on both Windows and Mac platforms. Apple Safari and Microsoft Internet Explorer will both work as well. Google Chrome is not supported as it contains an incompatible version of Flash.
  2. Update Adobe Flash Player to the most recent version.
  3. Connect using an ethernet connection. You won't be disallowed from entering a Connect room if you're on a wireless connection, but you may not have the bandwidth and stability needed to remain connected.
  4. Avoid using other bandwidth intensive resources. This includes downloading files, streaming video, and online gaming. If others are sharing the connection in your household, ask them to please refrain from these activities while you're using Adobe Connect.
  5. Run the Adobe Connect diagnostic tool. This will ensure that you have enough bandwidth, that your copy of Adobe Flash Player is current, and attempt to install the Adobe Connect Add-In.

The Add-In is optional. Students are unlikely to need it and professors will only need it if they intend to do screen sharing.

If you've performed these steps and have any issues then entering an Adobe Connect room, contact ETC Support.