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Request a Connect Room for Online Course

Learning Application Solutions is transitioning to Zoom to replace Adobe Connect as the official supported service for online and hybrid course meetings in May 2018.

Beginning January 4, 2018, you will have the opportunity to voluntarily migrate to Zoom. However, you may still request Adobe Connect accounts for the spring 2018 semester.

To learn more about the migration and Zoom training opportunities, view the migration information page.

Due to increased demand, Connect rooms can only be created for scheduled Texas State Online and Hybrid courses and must be requested by the instructor of record.

Please use the following form to request a Connect Room for your online or hybrid course. New rooms must be created each semester. As with TRACS sites, Connect rooms will be closed two weeks after the end of the semester. See the Connect Retention Policy for more information.

You will be notified via email when your rooms are created.

Please Note:

  • Non-Online Course use for Connect Rooms can be requested at the Non Online Course Use page.
  • Lecture recording for online viewing can be accomplished via TechSmith Relay, formerly Camtasia Relay.
Is this room for an Online or Hybrid course. *

If "No" was selected please use our request Connect room form for Non Online Course Use.

Room approval and creation pending approval of the Learning Applications Solutions Director.

Which Semester Term is Your Room Needed? *
If you requested additional rooms for student projects, do you require your students to record their sessions?
Would you like a room to hold office hours in? (If you have an existing Office Hours room, you do not need to request a new one.) *

Additional Information

If you have additional comments or questions regarding your requested rooms, please feel free to let us know.

Records Retention and FERPA Retention

Records Retention

In order to comply with Texas State University records retention policy, Adobe Connect classrooms and any recordings made will deleted after 2 years.

These records fall within the category CUR230 – Course Records, and SAD200 - Student Records, Academic Department - and currently have a retention period of AC+2 years, where AC=end of the semester (4 weeks after last class day) in which the course was taught. If you need to retain your recorded presentations, individual recordings can be downloaded and saved as a Flash movie file or exported as a zip file for later use in Connect. Learning Applications Solutions (512-245-5566) can assist you in this effort.


It is our opinion that in order to be in compliance with FERPA, classroom recordings that contain identifiable student information (NetIDs, text chat, video chat, voice, names or images) not be reused for any other class or purpose at any time.

Classroom Retention *
Policy Statement *
Acknowlegment of Adobe Connect Recommended Use *
Adobe Connect May 2018 Decommission *