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Professional A/V Consultation

Our team can provide you with ideas for developing your space to meet your A/V presentation needs. This involves scheduling a time to meet with you, evaluating the space, and providing you with an initial ballpark estimate. Once you have this ballpark estimate in-hand, you can make the informed decisions you and your department need in order to proceed. If you decide to move forward with the project, a more detailed design and line item estimate will be created at a cost of $30/hr. Once the detailed design plan is approved, we will purchase the selected equipment and schedule an installation date with you.

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Some of our Design and Install Work

Price Guide for Services Offered by the Learning Spaces Integration and Support Team

Type Examples Rate
Consultation & Ballpark Estimate Meet with customer on-site, conduct needs-assessment, survey physical space, discuss options. No charge
Design & Estimate Develop wiring diagram, map flow of video/audio signals, develop formal estimate complete with equipment list and labor. $30.00 per hour
Build/Install Order equipment, configure/assemble, install on-site, commission, and provide user documentation. $30.00 per hour
System Training Train department technical liaison on support of system. No Charge
System Check Visit location & test system, provide written assessment to owner. $30.00 per hour
Support If the departmental TSP is not able to resolve an issue with a system, one of our technicians can assist in resolving a problem. $30.00 per hour + the cost of any needed cables or replacement equipment
Upgrades/Equipment Refresh Replace, upgrade, or service aging equipment. Replace old/broken projector lamps. $30.00 per hour + the cost of the new/replacement equipment