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Distance Learning Virtual Lab


The Distance Learning Virtual Computer Lab offers off campus access utilizing VMWare to connect students taking computer based or correspondence courses with resources that would normally be found on campus only. Access to this resource is limited.

Distance Learning Virtual Computer Lab

Web Based

Support for installation of VMWare and the running of our virtual lab environment may be obtained by:

Phone: 245-ITAC.

Email itac:


Use this link for Access (Windows only)

See detailed documentation below for installation and setup for Windows and Macs.


This documentation pertains to connecting and using this resource. Questions or comments about this service or the documentation can be directed through your instructor.


Through the Distance Learning Virtual Computer Lab, Instructional Technologies Support - Academic Computing is making basic software available on campus open to distance education students. This fully functioning computer environment does not include basic plug-ins or software, but specialty software only.

  • Adobe Acrobat
  • Adobe Distiller
  • Internet Explorer
  • Microsoft Office
    • Access
    • Excel
    • InfoPath Designer
    • Inforath Filler
    • Lync
    • OneNote
    • PowerPoint
    • Publisher
    • Word
  • Windows PowerShell
  • Windows 7 Virtual Machine
  • SA GUI
  • SPSS

Note: Use your home (U:/) drive or email to save files (see Navigating UDrive below).

Navigating UDrive

To connect online go to: