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Videoconferencing Rooms (ITV)

Academic Video Conferencing (ITV)

ITV is a specific technology provided by Learning Spaces which allows the connection of multiple rooms through video teleconference codecs, simulating a face-to-face instructional environment.  There are 3 classrooms at the San Marcos campus that regularly connect to 3 classrooms at the Round Rock campus for scheduled classes.  These rooms may also be reserved when needing to connect to an outside entity that can only connect via a video teleconference codec.  ITV courses do not currently support connections from non-codec devices such as computers or mobile devices.

Learning Spaces provides technical support, operational staffing, and maintenance for the following room resources for Academic Video Conferencing (ITV) Courses:

 * Please note these are grouped into pairs. Each location has a specific partner location for technical compatibility and quality.

Video conferencing resources are scheduled through the Registrar. Current and future schedules are provided below. ITS does not control the listings.

Non-Academic Use and Scheduling

Requests for non-academic use of the rooms can be submitted through our Video Conferencing Request Form. Academic use will have priority.

Current Academic Semester ITV Schedules

Click here to view the current semester ITV Schedules

Future Academic Semester ITV Schedules - (planned courses)

Click here to view future semester ITV Schedules

ITV Faculty Change Request Form

Click HERE to change an ITV class

ITV+Instructor’s+Responsibilites : ITV Instructor Responsibilites List (PDF, 75 KB)

This breaks down how the class is structured, and what to expect as an instructor. It also spells out clearly how your class will operate between sites and the expectations for delivering your coursework.

ITV+Teaching+Tips : ITV Teaching Tips for Faculty (PDF, 37 KB)

ITV isn't easy, in fact without understanding the finer intracacies, your studnets will have greater difficulty in your class.  These tips break down the best practices for your sucess.

TxState_ITV+Standards : ITV Standards (PDF, 110 KB)

This is a technical requirements matrix that must be used when developing a Texas State ITV course which is expected to connect to a course section outside of the Texas State Network. That location (section) must meet the rigors of this matrix in order for Texas State to preserve the quality of the ITV connection for the students.

ITV+Support+Protocol+2012 : ITV Support Protocol (PDF, 50 KB)

This helps you understand the role of our ITV student facilitator, and the problem solving protocol they must go through in order to best support ITV.