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Learning Management System Review


The current Learning Management System (LMS) TRACS, was deployed at Texas State University more than 10 years ago. The majority of courses at the university utilize some aspect of TRACS to provide course content, foster communication and/or assess student work.

The traditional Learning Management System (LMS) consists of a monolithic package of tools and services that has the potential to limit instructional flexibility and learning innovation.

As Texas State envisions digital learning, we visualize a digital tool set that is flexible and personal, capable of accommodating the needs of learners and instructors, and allows easy access to information and materials anytime, anywhere. We call this tool set the Digital Learning Environment (DLE). The DLE sets forth a series of standards that makes it possible for tools to be integrated with each other to work together, and to exchange information. Within the DLE, the Learning Management System (LMS) is a foundational tool.

The LMS Advisory Committee will be partnering with the academic community to evaluate and recommend an LMS solution that provides the best combination of functionality, accessibility, usability, and pedagogical support to ensure student success.

Overview of The Process

Instructional Technologies Support is currently drafting a Request for Purchase (RFP). A survey is being sent to all faculty to better inform the RFP. Once the RFP is posted, vendors will submit their materials for evaluation against a matrix that combines user and technical requirements. Top viable candidates will be selected for public demonstrations.

Stay Involved

  • Respond to the upcoming instructor email survey (April 12 2017-May 2, 2017)
  • Attend public vendor demonstrations (March 2018)
  • Check the Timeline and Status page for additional opportunities

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