Streaming Media Services

NOTE: ITS Streaming Media Services is being decommissioned. Content currently hosted on the ITS Streaming Media Services server will no longer be available after December 2015. Content owners/managers will be emailed a URL map (old link - new link) on September 8, 2015 and old links will remain working until December 2015.

If you are interested in streaming media, please visit the Mediaflo support site at Mediaflo is the university's online media management system. It allows users to upload, manage, deliver, and share video and audio via the university’s learning management system (TRACS), web content management system (Gato), personal website or blog.

Decommissioning ITS Streaming Media Services

To learn more about the decommissioning timeline and help countdown, visit

Requesting a New Streaming Media Account

Accounts are no longer being created for ITS Streaming Media Services. To request an account in the new media management system, Mediaflo, fill out the online request form at

Uploading Media to Your Streaming Account

The ITS Streaming Media Server will no longer support uploading new media. If you had an ITS Streaming Media account, a new account has been created for you in Mediaflo.

Log into Mediaflo at to upload your content.

Sharing Your Media With Others

For more in formation on the various ways that you can share your streaming media, and/or to learn more about best practices for sharing your streaming media via TRACS, Gato and email visit the Sharing Your Media section.

NOTE: ITS Streaming Media links will no longer work after December 2015. Account owners/managers will need to replace their old ITS Streaming Media links with the new Mediaflo link. The Educational Technology Center will email account owners/managers a URL map (old link - new link) to help with the replacement on September 8, 2015.


Support for ITS Streaming Services is provided by the Educational Technology Center. For assistance with viewing content, please contact ITS Streaming Media Support at (512) 245-5566 or by email at Support is available Monday - Friday 8:00am - Midnight and Saturday & Sunday Noon - Midnight.

For assistance with using your streaming media in TRACS, please email

For assistance with using your streaming media in conjunction with the Gato web content management system, please email

ITS also offers faculty and staff support and training in the Faculty Project Lab. Support is offered Monday through Friday from 8 am - 5 pm by appointment. To schedule an appointment online, fill out the Appointment Request Form, or email


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