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Streaming Media Services

Welcome to ITS Streaming Media Services! 

Instructional Technologies Support offers a variety of streaming services to Texas State faculty and staff.  One of those services is a streaming media service, which allows users to upload and link to audio and/or video content.  Users may request that their media be uploaded as either public content, with no restrictions on who can view the content, or as restricted content, which requires viewers to use their Texas State Net ID and password in order to view the material.

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What is streaming media?

Streaming media is content sent in compressed form over the Web and displayed to the viewer in real time. With streaming media, a user does not have to wait to download a file to play it.  Instead, the media is sent in a continuous stream and plays as it arrives.

ITS Streaming Media Services provides a medium for sharing audio and video content with users while maintaining control over its distribution. Users may use streaming media in TRACS, department website (Gato), or anywhere a web link can be used.

When users access the media, they will be able to watch or listen to the content, but they will not be able to download and save it to their own computer. In order for users to view content they will need to be connected to the internet and have Apple's QuickTime® player, version 7 or later, installed and set as the default player for streaming content.

Who can access ITS streaming media?

Anyone with a direct link to media can view content as long as they have access to the internet and have QuickTime version 7 or later installed and set as the default player for streaming content.  They will not be able to easily download content, rather just view it.

For help with resolving common issues related to viewing ITS streaming media visit the Troubleshooting section.

Note:  If content is restricted viewers will be required to authenticate using a valid/active Texas State Net ID and password before they can view the media.

Is ITS Streaming Media Services right for me?

ITS Streaming Media Services is best suited for users who would like to share content with others in a format that will discourage the end-user from downloading the material to their local machine.  This includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Content an instructor has permission to share with students requiring limited access to class participants (e.g. - approved use of publisher materials, broadcasts, and/or other copyrighted materials. (Requires documented permission).
  • Content that is sensitive in nature or which requires limited access for any other reason (e.g. - approved use of pre-recorded counseling sessions or medical evaluations ***requires documented permission***).

The viewer will be directed to watch the video.  They will need to access the media from a supported web browser (Mozilla Firefox 3.5 or later is preferred) and have QuickTime® version 7 or later installed and set as the default player for streaming content.  Users will not be able to simply download content to their local machine in a single click.

It is also an ideal service for users who have lengthy audio and/or video content that they need to share, such as pre-recorded lectures, interviews, or presentations. 


Still not sure if this is the right solution for you? Check out some of the other services offered by ITS Streaming Services.

Adobe Connect® is a tool that allows classes to meet, communicate, and view presentations in a real-time online environment. Sessions can be recorded so that students who cannot attend the live session can still benefit from viewing the session at a later time. Students and instructors may attend Connect sessions from any location, using any computer. All that is required is an Internet connection. No special software is needed to attend a Connect session. More: http://www.its.txstate.edu/services/adobeconnect

Camtasia Relay® is a tool that allows instructors to record their computer screen and a personal audio stream in real-time. Relay will then automatically convert the video to an optimized size and and quality for online viewing. Instructors can record real-time class lectures or supplemental course material for online viewing later. Sessions can be recorded on any computer by downloading the Camtasia Relay software. http://www.its.txstate.edu/services/camtasiarelay  

Looking for Live Streaming Services?  Visit Instructional Technologies Support - ETC Video/Studio at http://www.its.txstate.edu/departments/etc/media_production.html

Interested in Videoconferencing?  Visit Instructional Technologies Support - Classroom Technologies Videoconferencing page at instructional-technologies-support/departments/classroomtechnology/itv.html

Requesting a New Streaming Media Account

At this time, ITS Streaming Media Service accounts are restricted to Texas State faculty and staff. Faulty and staff may request that a student be added to their existing account or that a new account be set up, under their Net ID or group name, and have the student added to it, so long as they are working on behalf of the faculty or staff member.

Request a new ITS Streaming Media account

Note: If you need to add an additional user to your exisitng account, please email its-streaming-media@txstate.edu.

Uploading Media to Your Streaming Account

Until programming for the new ITS Streaming Media services environment is complete, users will upload their media to a streaming media dropbox, and ETC Support will prepare and move content from the dropbox onto the streaming server.

Users must fill out an "Upload New Streaming Media" form EACH time that they upload new content to the streaming media dropbox. This form serves as a receipt of the user's acknowledgment of the ITS Streaming Media Copyright and Acceptable Use policies.

Fill out the "Upload New Streaming Media" form

If you have already filled out the form and need help connecting to your account in order to upload new content, click the link below.

Connect and upload new content to your dropbox

Sharing Your Media With Others

For more in formation on the various ways that you can share your streaming media, and/or to learn more about best practices for sharing your streaming media via TRACS, Gato and email visit the Sharing Your Media section.


Support for ITS Streaming Services is provided by ETC Support. For assistance with requesting an account, or help with encoding, uploading or accessing your content, please contact ITS Streaming Media Support at (512) 245-5566 or by email at its-streaming-media@txstate.edu. Support is available Monday - Friday 8:00am - Midnight and Saturday & Sunday Noon - Midnight.

For assistance with using your streaming media in TRACS, please email tracs@txstate.edu.

For assistance with using your streaming media in conjunction with the Gato web content management system, please email gato@txstate.edu.

ITS also offers faculty and staff support and training in the Faculty Project Lab. Support is offered Monday through Friday from 8 am - 5 pm by appointment. To schedule an appointment online, fill out the Appointment Request Form, or email facultyprojectlab@txstate.edu.


Click an option below for help with troubleshooting some of the most common issues related to streaming media.

I am having trouble viewing streaming media.

I am having trouble with my streaming media account.