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Tech Spaces

ITS maintains and supports a variety of technology learning spaces for faculty and student use. Following is an overview of each space.

Open Computer Labs

Open Computer Labs offer access to state-of-the-art computing environments for training, internet research and general use. Our goal is to provide open environments for students in support of faculty instruction. Hours vary by location.

YouStar Studio

Located on the first floor of the Alkek Library, YouStar Studio is a personal creative video space designed to unlock your imagination. Record your own original video content for a class project, presentation, online lecture, or performance. All the equipment you need is available in this unique creative space. The space is available to students, faculty and staff by reservation only.

Technology Integration Classroom

These are rooms designed to allow instructors to employ innovative teaching practices that integrate technology to promote student engagement, often using hybrid or flipped teaching methods.

What do these rooms offer?

  • Flexible furniture to foster student dialog and cooperation.
  • Technology that enables sharing of process and final product.
  • Opportunities to engage students in higher order thinking, including analysis and synthesis of course content.

Academic Video Conferencing (ITV) classrooms

ITV is a specific technology which allows the connection of multiple rooms through video teleconference codecs, simulating a face-to-face instructional environment. There are three classrooms at the San Marcos campus that regularly connect to three classrooms at the Round Rock campus for scheduled classes. These rooms may also be reserved when needing to connect to an outside entity that can only connect via a video teleconference codec.

Teaching Theaters

The University's three teaching theaters, Alkek 250, Centennial Hall 157, and the LBJ Student Center 4-16.1, represent the intersection of integrated media and large classrooms. By using a diverse array of media, the Teaching Theaters provide a creative teaching and learning environment.

The Alkek and Centennial Hall Teaching Theaters may be reserved for special events, conferences, and guest speakers when not being used for academic classes.